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Here we go! We've launched the Alpha Youth Film Series and we are so excited to see this being used around the country. Alpha Youth Film Series is a contemporary exploration of the Christian Faith that is being used by groups all around the world to help young people explore the character and claims of Jesus. Over 8, 9 or 10 weeks Alpha Youth Film Series looks at topics including ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘Why did Jesus die?’ to ‘How & why should I read the Bible?’ and much more. It’s a more informal version of the original Alpha using the same teaching content but adapted in a way to better engage with young people. Alpha Youth Film Series shares the same important elements as any Alpha – food, a talk, and small group discussions (except with a lot more fun and many more games!).

Film Series Trailer

Check out the new Alpha Youth Film Series Trailer. Download it and use it with your youth.

Check It Out

All of the film series is free but we need you to register to get access to them. So check out the first episode and see if you like it.

20 Questions in 120

Jason and Ben answered 20 FAQs in 120 seconds, check out as they answer all the questions!

What You Think

  • An amazing, creative way to present key messages of the gospel. It engages young people and honours their journey of faith. The food element was perfect.

    Anne Loughman, School Chaplain
  • Yep, yep, yep... it is exciting to see God working …With the blessing of our church board and pastor, we believe God will be using the Alpha Youth to change our country.

    Bex, Youth Worker
  • Also convos went up a whole other level in depth & seriousness. 5 young guys came off the streets and they engaged with the fims easy! Our team feels very blessed, encouraged & privileged to be running these film sessions, thanks!!!

    Dustin, Youth Worker

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